Thursday, September 04, 2008

Willard's Winners Week 2

Hey there folks, Willard walked down to the Sac N' Suds and gave me a call with this weeks picks. Peruse them and tell me what you think.

West Virginia vs. Eastern Carolina: The Mountain Men from Morgantown will descend from their lofty lands looking to shoot it out with the Pirates from Eastern Carolina. West Virginia's sharp shooters are trained and quick. They will load those squirrel guns and blast away at Skipper Skip Holtz's Schooner, but Captain Holtz's Buccaneers are tough and will repel the Mountaineer attack.
Willard's Winner... Eastern Carolina

Oregon St. vs. Penn St.: The Beavers from the wild wild west are heading to Happy Valley to build a log jam in Penn State's BCS bowl hopes. The Beavers will gnaw on and fell some of those sweet Pensylvania Poplars, but Joe Pa will have his Nittany Lions growling mad. The will descend out of the hills and devour the pesky rodents of Corvalis.
Willard's Winner... Penn St.

Marshall vs. Wisconsin: Willard's Winner... Whoever does not have to watch this game!

South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt: Spurrier's Chickens put a peckin' on the Wolfpack of N.C. State last week. The Pullet's are prancing around like a single rooster in a hen coop. Spurrier will lead his Gamecocks up to Nashville with the aim of keeping keeping their winning ways rolling. The Ole Ball Coach will have those chickens ready to scratch, but will find the Commodore's fleet a bit tougher than the Wimppack. The Commodore will train his guns on the Chickens but will find them hard to hit, and Spurrier's boys will rule the roost.
Willard's Winner... South Carolina

Miami vs. Florida: The Tropical Depressions from South Florida will move their depressing form of ball north to Gainesville. They will spit rain and blow a little, but Mayer's Gators are tough skinned and used to these kinds of storms. The swamp may fill up a bit, but the Gators will weather this storm.
Willard's Winner: As much as Willard hates to say it... Florida

And last but not least:

Central Michigan vs. Georgia: The Chippewas of Central Michigan are on the warpath wanting to count coup and collect a few Bulldog pelts. Coach Richt and his hounds have a juicy steak dangling in front of them and the Chippewas are in the way. The Native Americans may shoot a few arrows, but they will find out that, that Dawg will bite you!
Willard's Winner... Georgia!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whooaa Nellie!

Well gang, college football is back, and so is Willard. As you know, Bonnie and I were married in the middle of the football season last year, so Willard refused to call me with his prognostications. He told me that he read in the Bible that the men of Israel were not to go to war the first year that they were married, so he figured I shouldn't be bothered with blogging his prognostications. He, however, is excited about this season because his beloved Dawgs are ranked #1 and has called me from the Sac n' Suds with his picks for this opening weekend of College Football. So, without delay, and with no further adieu: Here are Willard's Winners...

North Carolina State vs. South Carolina: The Wolves from the north will wander to the southern feasting grounds hunting for a few chickens to devour. Coach Spurrier's Pullets have strengthened their coop over the last few years, and are ready to come to scratch. The Wolfpack will encircle Columbia, but Spurrier's Fightin' Chickens will peck their way to a victory.

Willard's Winner: South Carolina

Wake Forest vs. Baylor: The Demon Deacons of Wake Forest have called a special meetin' to discuss the activities of the pastors in training at Baylor. The Deacon offensive committee will inspect the Preacher's philosophy on football, and find it liberal at giving up points.

Willard's Winner: Wake Forest

USC vs. Virginia: The boys from Troy will load their ships heavy with armor and swords setting sail to raid Charlottesville. The Queen's men defended the Queen quite well last year, but their most valiant Cavalier has moved on to the senior league. The Cavaliers with defend their castle valiantly, but the Trojans will steal away with a win. Willard's Winner: Them danged ole Trojans

Akron vs. Wisconsin: Willard's Winner: Whoever is not forced to watch this game!

Whoa Nellie! the Donnybrook GAME OF THE WEEK!

Alabama vs. Clemson: The Crimson Pachyderms from Tuscaloosa will travel I-20 to Death Valley trying to stomp on Coach Bowden and his Cheetahs. The Crimson Pachyderms have mad a lot of noise with their elongated snouts the last couple of seasons, but Cheetahs will run all around them this weekend. Willard's Winner: Clemson

Last, but certainly not least:

Georgia Southern vs. Georgia: The Screamin' Eagles of Georgia Southern are flying north to the Junk Yard looking to pluck Coach Richt's chances for a National Championship right out of his hands. The Dawgs are a few pups shy of their usual pack, but are ready to cancel the Eagles' flight plans. The Eagles will claw and peck a bit, but won't have any of the magical waters of Eagle creek to refresh them. All they will see is a pack of wild hounds and some tall hedges to hem them in. Willard's Winner: Georgia!
You might have noticed the picture at the top. Willard wanted me to tell you about his best friend BillyJoe. BillyJoe entered the Redneck Olympics this year. He competed in the Individual Mud Hole Belly Flop. This was his first Olympics and he came away with the Gold (plated) Trophy! Way to go BillyJoe!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Some funny stuff...

Hey gang,

In case you were wondering, here is one of the things you do to kill time when you don't have a job. I found these funny t-shirts for my and your amusement.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Expelled...No Intelligence Allowed...

This past week I went to see Ben Stein's new movie, Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed. It was an interesting and well produced expose of the supression of academic freedom in the area of science. Stein tells the story of a scientist at the Smithsonian Institute that had the audacity to publish an article that mentioned intelligent design theory. This scientist was removed from his position and ostracised in the scientific community. Stein then shows that this was not an isolated incident, and that this is in fact the modus operadi for the scientific community.

Stein then goes on to interview many of the Atheist Darwinist elite. Stein does an excellent job of asking pertinent questions of those devoted to Darwin, and shows that they are holding fast to their Darwinist pre-suppositions, and squashing freedom to protect their own held beliefs. They are squashing academic freedom to protect their priviledged places rather than pursuing truth. Stein effectively shows that there is no room for those proposing Intelligent Design in the Darwinist controlled playground. He shows that the Darwinists are acting off of their own presuppositions and not scientific enquiry. Stein shows that the current Godless, Darwinist paradigm is in crisis, and is fighting to preserve itself.

Some important points for Christians:

  • Remember Ben Stein is not a Christian, and his main purpose is not to promote the truth that there is one God, the father of Jesus Christ, who is our intelligent designer.
  • Notice that all that promote Intelligent Design are not our friends. Some I.D. promoters would say that the ones who provided the intelligent design that makes up our cells, systems, world, galaxy, etc; are in fact aliens and not Yahweh our creator.

Some funny moments in the movie:

  • Make sure to note the lunacy of the scientist who claims that the first cell came into being when strands of protiens joined together on the backs of mutated crystals. This guy thinks this is good science and good thinking!
  • Pay attention to the end of the movie when Ben Stein backs Richard Dawkins into a corner about where the first atom/cells came from. Watch how Dawkins squirms, angers, and refuses to answer Stein's question.

Saddest moment in the movie:

  • There is a scientist who has survived cancer, and states that he is waiting for it to return. He gives an explanation that shows the sadness of living without God in your life. This scientist takes Darwinism to the logical extreme which shows that there is no freedom in Darwinism. That is to say, in Darwinism, all things are pre-determined, and there is absolutely no freedom of the will or action. The logical outcome of Darwinism is that there is no afterlife, and therefore no hope for mankind. Since there is no hope for mankind then we all might as well wait to die, which is what this scientist is waiting for. No hope for him in this life or the next. May it be that the Gospel would find him and that he might be saved. Therefore, Christian; sing a new song to the LORD for the love and hope he has given to you through Jesus Christ!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chattahoochie National Forrest

Bon and I had a wonderful day in the Chattahoochie National Forrest. We drove around, saw the sights, and enjoyed sitting and watching the river go by. Bonnie enjoyed throwing rocks in the river. It was a good break from the hustle and bustle of our normal everyday lives.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just found a gem...

Hey guys, thanks for being part of my wedding, and my life.
Y'all are great.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorry if I offend...

I have been reading a good bit on the Emerging Church here lately. All that I have read shows me a group that is seriously misguided and theologically dangerous. Now don't start on me that I am lumping the good with the bad, I can't spend time naming names: this one good, this one bad. However, in my reading and research I did find some disturbing things and these interesting pics.
From my understanding, here is the real problem with those who lead the Emerging Church. These guys have the issue of authority completely wrong. They are enslaved to their feelings and to deconstruction ideals and reject Biblical authority. They would never admit to that fact but in practice they do. Most Emergents have a wrong or poor understanding of the Doctrine of Sin, and thereby are missinformed in every other part of their Theology.
A poor understanding of sin and the absolute need for atonement for that sin breeds arrogance like this. True understanding of your fallen estate will keep you humble and away from thoughts like this.

I believe that the Emerging Church's view of the Church is one of the real danger they pose.

A weak stance on heaven and hell, and the doctrine of sin will bite you in all sorts of ways.

Yes, there are many portions of scripture that cause us to think. However, God has revealed himself and truth is possible to obtain through that revelation. We have answers, and right ones at that. We can be confident in our answers because the one from who we receive our answers, is perfect in his knowledge and in perfect in his presentation of his answers.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I'd like to think I was as cool as the other side of the pillow, but...

So, one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me happened this weekend. I was in Fort Worth for my friend Nathan's graduation. I had a great time catching up with my friends. The weekend was great, but Sunday proved a great surprise for me.

I was in the airport, waiting on my flight home, when who should I see but one of my childhood idols, Herschel Walker! Most of you will probably not understand this, but any boy growing up in Georgia in the 1980's only has one real hero, Herschel. Herschel was and still is the best running back ever to grace a football field. He embarrassed defenses and flattened defenders all over the SEC and the rest of the College Football universe. Herschel set the record for most yards rushing as a freshman, and won the Heisman Trophy in 1982. He certainly would have won it again, but rather chose to leavc Georgia early for pro ball. Folks, where I come from Herschel is a legend. He is the best thing since boiled peanuts, and to talk bad about him is akin to talking bad about somebody's Mamma.

But I digress, So I am sitting in my little chair in the airport, when what do my eyes behold, but my hero walking through the terminal. I immediately rubbed my eyes and looked again to make sure that it was all real, and it was! Herschel Walker, right there, not 20 yards away from me! I knew right then and there that this was my chance to meet my hero. So I did what every real Georgia fan would do, I stalked Herschel till the poor fellow had a seat. Luckily, he was on the same flight I was, so he actually walked right over to where I had been sitting. I took a deep breath, mustered up all the cool I had in me, and as non-chalantly as I could, I walked over to Herschel, stuck out my hand, and shook Herschel's hand. He smiled that big Herschel smile and said hello. I stumbled through hello, and it's nice to meet you. Herschel told me hello and ended with God Bless You. I am not real sure if he said anything else. I left and went back to my seat feeling like a dork, but a dork who met one of his heroes.

One observation: When we arrived in Atlanta, everyone on the plane went down to get their bags, and then go home. While waiting on our bags, Herschel was mobbed by a gang of ravenous fans. He signed every autograph that was asked for, and even talked with one guys wife on the phone he jammed in Herschel's face. He did it all with great grace and kindness, and ended every interaction with the words: God Bless You. Herschel could have been a jerk, grabbed his bag and run out of the airport,(Which one of us could have cought him, or tackled him!) but rather he showed how class an act he really is.

I think this is the real reason Herschel is so dearly loved in Georgia. Yes, he carried our hopes and dreams with that football. Yes, he was immensely talented, and did some amazing things on the pitch. Herschel laid flat all those bullies we wanted to squash ourselves. And yes, Herschel helped us feel like winners even when we had no real part of the teams he was on. But the real reason we love Herschel Walker is that he did all those things, the bowl wins, the thousands of yards, the Heisman, et al; with great class and poise. Herschel Walker is a hero you can respect. Barry who?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some wedding pics...

Hey Gang,
Here are some pics of our wedding. Please feel free to share with us any that you might have taken. We would love to have them. Wicked Mad Props to Donna McDonnall for these beauties.
Here are my beautiful Bride and I.
The Most Beautiful ladies to ever have graced Jacksonville Beach, FL
None of whom are cursed!
Thanks to all of you who helped make our wedding special. We love you all and appreciate the sacrifices you made to be a part of our wedding. Thank You.
Angela and Geo recessing
Lar Lar and Natron doing the same.

The Wedding Party, the Pastor, and the Parents

Sunday, October 14, 2007

More pics from Curacao...

There were tons of things to do in Curacao.
Being an island, there are all kinds of water sports.
Curacao is known for its scuba diving.
Just off the beach 40 yards from the beach, you could see all kinds of fish and corals.

There were also a lot of people who went sea kayaking.
The Seadoo was used to tow people past the waves.
Working for this company must be a hard job, because they had
hammocks for the workers to nap in on the side of the building!

This is the Otrobanda side of Willemstad as seen from the Punda side.

Here, Bo is standing on the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge in Willemstad.
It crosses the waterway separating the two sides of the city.
Thousands of people cross over this bridge everyday, but the waterway is also used by ships.
So, sometimes they take the bridge and swing it out of the way for ships to pass.
People just wait on the bridge for it to be put back in place, so that they
can go about their business.

This is the Reception area of the Marriott Hotel.
In front of me is the beautiful waterfall.
Behind me is the wonderful vaulted ceilieng and entryway.
And Yes, the reception area of this hotel is open air!
Bo and I were greeted when we arrived with a glass
of cold fruit juice and a cold towel to refreshen us.

Here is another beautiful Curacao sunset.